Hospital Housekeeper Job Description for Resume

Updated: December 23, 2022

Housekeeping jobs in any environment are not much different from each other. A housekeeper will perform the same type of duties no matter where he or she is stationed.

However, where a hospital is concerned, the dynamics change a little bit. Working as a housekeeper in a hospital means that you have to be exceptionally careful where your work duties are concerned since there is patients’ health involved.

Housekeepers hired in a hospital are trained exceptionally well in what they do so that they can live up to established standards.

Typically, a housekeeper performs some or all of the duties mentioned in the list below:

Sample Job Description for Hospital Housekeeper Resume

• Take orders from the supervisor and go through them at length to determine the work duties of the day.

• Perform cleaning duties by sweeping and mopping floors and surfaces in rooms, lobbies, restrooms, surgical units, and waiting areas.

• Mix appropriate amounts of cleaning agents and disinfectants and ensure that they are applied/used in a safe manner.

• Dust hospital furniture and clean and sanitize beds and tables in patients’ rooms, according to established standards.

• Turn mattresses and change linen on a regular basis, and collect dirty or soiled laundry to deliver to the washing area.

• Collect clean laundry from the washing area and deliver it to rooms and surgical units as requested.

• Replenish supplies in the storeroom and keep an eye out for low-stock situations.

• Communicate with the housekeeping manager to provide him or her with information on what is required in terms of supplies and equipment.

• Perform minor repair and maintenance work such as changing bulbs and tucking in loose wires.

• Empty wastepaper receptacles and ensure that appropriate trash disposal methods are followed.

• Replenish housekeeping carts, and push them through the hospital, according to provided schedules.

Hospital Housekeeper Skills & Qualifications

A high school diploma or a GED is usually sufficient to work as a hospital housekeeper.

However, you have to possess great physical dexterity and some knowledge of cleaning and sanitizing work. Most of the training is provided on the job, but it does help if you have some information about what is expected of you.

In addition to this, you have to be well-organized and possess exceptional patience. Since you will be working with hazardous cleaning materials, you will need to exercise special care.

Furthermore, you will need to be on your feet all the time, which means that you will have to be comfortable with the physical aspect of working in this role.