Duties and Tasks of Housekeeping in Hospital

Updated December 20, 2021
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The process of keeping a hospital clean and sanitized is usually a very complex one. There is much that needs to be considered when hiring housekeeping staff in a hospital.

Since the aim is to ensure a clean environment that is conducive to the services provided by a hospital, it important to hire staff that knows how to manage cleaning services in a hospital environment.

Hospitals employ many people as part of their housekeeping staff owing to the need to meet their high standards of cleanliness and sanitization.

From the janitorial staff to supervisors, a hospital needs the services of each tier to manage a clean environment in a constant manner.

They clean rooms, bathrooms, hallways, locker rooms, and wards along with performing linen changing duties and laundry.

They also ensure that all wastepaper baskets around the hospital are emptied and washed and that all surfaces are sanitized using disinfectants.

People working in different roles in the housekeeping department of a hospital perform different duties.

Let us categorize them in two to be able to understand their roles effectively:

Hospital Housekeeper Job Description and Duties

• Clean rooms and hallways.
• Wash bathrooms and empty wastepaper baskets.
• Transport trash to waste disposal areas.
• Change linen and ensure that all soiled or dirty linen is transported to the laundry.
• Replenish supplies in washrooms and rooms.
• Mix detergents and disinfectants and disinfect all floors and counters.
• Sweep, scrub, and polish floors.
• Dust and polish hospital furniture and equipment.
• Ensure that all housekeeping carts are replenished and maintained properly.
• Wash windows and walls.
• Perform minor repair services.
• Deliver baby cribs and hospital rollaway beds.
• Turn mattresses and prepare rooms for new patients.
• Disinfect rooms according to the hospital’s sanitization policy.
• Ensure that all hospital waste is disposed of in a proper way.

Hospital Housekeeping Supervisor Job Description and Duties

• Create schedules for the housekeeping staff.
• Ensure that the housekeeping staff is working in accordance with the hospital’s rules.
• Make sure that the appearance of the hospital is clean and tidy.
• Maintain constant awareness of the cleanliness, maintenance, and repair of the hospital.
• Hand out housekeeping staff’s duties on a daily basis.
• Ensure shift management is handled properly and that no shift is unmanned.
• Responsible for maintaining the inventory of hospital equipment and cleaning supplies.
• Ensure that all safety procedures are being taken into account when mixing chemicals and detergents.
• Make sure that all cleaning supplies are appropriately labeled.
• Oversee housekeeping staff and ensure that they are properly and safely attired.