Housekeepers are hired in the hospitality industry where they are expected to manage cleaning and maintenance duties at the employer’s premises. Most housekeepers are responsible for cleaning floors, making beds, replenishing supplies, dusting furniture, cleaning windows and doors, moving and arranging furniture and even managing inventory. While there isn’t a specified educational level required for this position, it is important for a housekeeper to be a high school graduate at the very minimum.

When interviewing for a housekeeping position, there are certain things that an individual will need to keep in mind. For instance, the most asked question in any interview is “Why are you interested in this position?” which is actually quite a difficult question to answer. There could be hundreds of answers to this but the right one is the only one that gets any brownie points.

If you are preparing for an interview for a housekeeping job, you will need to see why indeed this position interests you. It could be because you are an organized person wanting to work in the hospitality industry and this job is perfect for you.

Let us look at some answers that may answer this question:

Why are you Interested in this Position?

1. It is my dream job to work in the hospitality industry as I am an extremely organized individual and nothing defines organization more than a housekeeper’s job.

2. I would like to put my skills in cleaning and maintaining premises and everyday housekeeping jobs for guests in an environment that is conducive to further learning.

3. This position interests me because I believe in my ability to make a true difference to the company by employing my housekeeping skills derived from a decade of work experience in a similar capacity.

4. I am convinced that I will not need much training in this job as I my skills in housekeeping are extremely well honed and I can truly make a difference in positive guest experience.

5. This job is perfectly tailored to my skills and experience. I am positive of my ability to work extremely well in an environment that requires excellence in guest services. It Is not just about dusting and mopping; it is about how performing these duties will engender positive customer experiences.