Housekeeping is a broad term that is used to define the handling of cleanliness and maintenance needs in both the domestic and commercial arena. It refers to the maintenance and upkeep of premises such as a house, hotel or a resident facility. Housekeeping also involves performing many other duties such as laundry and errands running.

A hospitality environment is usually judged by its appearance; imagine checking into a hotel and discovering that the surfaces are dirty and the linen is stained! Bad housekeeping can be a total put off for customers and the chances of recurring business diminish significantly. This is the prime reason that hiring managers pay special attention to hire the housekeeping staff.

Working mostly in a commercial and domestic environments, housekeepers, housekeeping managers and housekeeping supervisors perform many challenging duties on a typical work day. It is no easy task to keep a facility spic and span throughout the day. Housekeepers perform a lot of physical work such as dusting, mopping, cleaning and doing laundry. The work of housekeeping managers and supervisors may not be physical but they also have their plate full as they are responsible for ensuring that all housekeeping duties are performed in a timely and efficient manner.

Below is a list of some duties that different individuals working in a housekeeping department are expected to perform on a daily basis:

Housekeeper Job Description and Duties

• Clean rooms, lounges, lobbies, bathrooms and hallways
• Vacuum and wash carpets and rugs
• Empty wastepaper baskets and ashtrays
• Transport trash to waste disposal equipment
• Dust and polish wooden surfaces and furniture
• Replace light bulbs and repair fixtures
• Replenish bathroom and mini bar supplies

Housekeeping Supervisor Job Description and Duties

• Oversee the work of housekeeping staff
• Inspect guest rooms prior to checking in
• Supervise room cleaning and replenishing duties
• Plan schedules for housekeeping staff
• Hand out individual work assignments
• Ensure training of new hires
• Issue supplies to housekeeping staff at the beginning of each shift

Housekeeping Manager Job Description and  Duties

• Plan and direct housekeeping team members to carry out their duties
• Supervise housekeeping staff and conduct detail inspection of all rooms and service areas
• Maintain housekeeping budget
• Recruit and train housekeeping staff
• Create reports for the higher management
• Ensure appropriate maintenance of all housekeeping equipment and tools
• Maintain inventory of tools and supplies used in housekeeping activities