Housekeepers work at the hospitality establishments, private houses, apartments, buildings and offices. The basic task of a housekeeper is to ensure the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the organization that they are working for.

Housekeepers need a good reference letter when applying for a new job as a prospective employers will always want to know what a housekeeper has done in previous company and what they could perform for them.

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Housekeeper Reference Letter Sample

January 24, 2015


To Whom It May Concern

It is a pleasure to recommend Sean Hague who had worked with Hilton Suites as a Housekeeper for over five years. During his tenure, we have found him to be an extremely hardworking and enthusiastic individual.

Hague managed all kinds of sanitation and maintenance tasks with the highest level of professionalism and the keenest of details. I never felt to check his work as it was always better than perfect. He is proficient in dealing with hotel guests and able to get the work done without sounding or seeming too friendly thereby maintaining professionalism at all times. Many times, he performed front desk duties owing to his extremely presentable and friendly appearance. Needless to say, our hotel remained clean and tidy at all times due to his diligence and loyalty.

Again, I strongly recommend Sean Hague for whichever position he wants to work on in the hospitality world and wish him best of luck in his future endeavors.



Jayden Hopkins, Manage HR
Hilton Suites, 22 South Ave, Austin, TX 21001
(777) 777-7777, jayden @ hilton . com