Documenting your success in the form of accomplishments on a resume is very important. But it is not always easy to do this especially if you have held a job that doesn’t lend itself to be easy as far as supporting accomplishments is concerned. But since mention of accomplishments can make or break your chances of gaining employment, it is imperative to try and jot them down in your resume.

One position in which success may not be too easy to document is that of a housekeeper. As a housekeeper, you may have performed many duties that you are proud of but how do you write them in a resume? The first thing you need to do is to identify the difference between a duty and accomplishment. People often confuse the two and end up not shining much in front of a potential employer. Accomplishments illustrate your ability to complete the work assigned to you and each accomplishment that you highlight in your resume will be a step towards illustrating your skills.

For example, a housekeeper’s achievements may be mostly intangible – how do you tell a potential employer that your “love nurtured the house and made it into a home”? Choice of words is important here so that you can present this as an accomplishment. Here are a few examples of achievements that you can make part of your resume:

Achievements for Housekeeper Resume

• Reported a safety hazard regarding the house wiring before any dangerous consequence could transpire.

• Reduced cleaning supplies cost by 33% BY suggesting alternatives to expensive brands.

• Increased guest satisfaction by employing round the clock cleaning services for guests arriving during the nocturnal hours.

• Introduced and implemented infection control practices to bring down infection risks for hospital visitors.

• Designed and implemented core housekeeping policies and procedures that are still being followed by the hotel.

• Created strict housekeeping schedules which decreased absenteeism by 88%.

• Trained 15 new employees to work as members of the housekeeping staff.

• Strategized cleaning activities thereby ensuring that no floor is left unattended at any point during the day.

• Systematized solid supplies inventory system that brought down supplies misuse and loss by 90%.

• Introduced a sewing and repairs department within housekeeping which generated 12% of the housekeeping revenue.

• Credited with the Housekeeper of the Month 7 times in 2013 owing to exceptional work ethics.

• Received commendation by all guests serviced during the years 2012 and 2013.

• Suggested alterations to bathrooms so that guests with special needs can be accommodated.