Hospital Housekeeping Supervisor Skills for Resume

Updated on July 11, 2017

Skills can be your saving grace in any employment situation. But they are even more important in situations where you are holding a supervisory role in hospital housekeeping arena. This is because when you are in a position to lead, you need a little more than just ordinary competencies to perform your work.

Writing your skills as a hospital housekeeping supervisor in both cover letters and resumes is important. They provide hiring managers with a great foundation to base their hiring decisions on. Yes, skills can and must be mentioned in both your job application documents.

Working at any position requires a certain set of skills and qualifications. And hiring managers expect that the people whom they hire possess those skills, or at least most of what is required from them. But there is no way for them to know that you have a certain set of skills unless you tell them. Both resumes and cover letters are great avenues for you to do this.

The resume is a focused document that allows hiring managers to see your abilities in a dedicated section. And the cover letter is all about skills and competencies anyway, making it easy for you to communicate this information to the hiring authority.

Even if you do not have all 10 of the skills that a hiring manager wants you to possess, you can still qualify for the job. To see how you can articulate your hospital housekeeping supervision skills in statement form, refer to the samples below:


Sample Skills for Hospital Housekeeping Supervisor Resume


• Successful track record of creating schedules for staff members, and ensuring that they work according to them

• Exceptionally competent in overseeing the work of housekeeping staff to ensure that they are working in accordance with the hospital’s rules and regulations

• Effectively creates and implements core housekeeping metrics and protocols to ensure that work processes are carried out appropriately

• Able to oversee the inventory of housekeeping supplies and equipment, ensuring that low stock situations are handled before they convert into crises

• Actively ensures that shift management work is handled in a proper manner, leaving no shift understaffed

• Adept at supervising and contributing to efforts pertaining to regular and preventative maintenance of housekeeping equipment

• Proficient in overseeing the mixing and use of disinfectants to ensure that safety measures are taken into account

• Documented success in devising and implementing inspection plans, aimed to assure that all rooms and assigned areas are properly scouted for issues and problems

• Proven ability to create and maintain housekeeping staffing logs, ensuring that they are updated appropriately