Professional Summary for a Hotel Front Desk Associate

Updated on March 16, 2019

Hotel Front Desk Associate Resumes with a professional summary are rapidly gaining popularity. 

Employers prefer the resumes that begin with a brief profile or summary of the candidate since this saves a lot of time on the part of the employer who has to go through many resumes daily.

A professional summary for hotel front desk positions needs to be very impressive in order to engage the hiring manager.

An ideal Hotel Front Desk Associate summary showcases some job relevant key competencies.

It is advisable to highlight those competencies in the summary which are listed in the job requirements by the target employer.




The following are some samples of professional summary for a hotel front desk associate.

Feel free to use and modify these per your requirements.


Hotel Front Desk Associate Resume Summary Examples


Dynamic and task-oriented professional with 3+ years of experience in handling diverse hotel front desk tasks. Familiar with customer check-in and check-out protocols. Well versed with general hotel security policies and customer documentation. Matchless ability to demonstrate high-quality public dealing etiquette continually.


Highly motivated and results-driven hotel front desk professional with five plus years’ hands-on experience in customer service, documentation, checking in and out, inventory maintenance and reception tasks. Outgoing personality gifted with clear communication skills. Adept at forming and maintaining professional public relations with regular guests.


An industrious hotel front desk associate working in the field for the past four years. Skilled in reception handling, guest greeting, issuing bills and collecting payments. Proficient in usage of computers, telephones and scanners. Demonstrated ability to maintain hotel reception files in an organized and manageable manner.


Top-performing front desk professional with a strong ability to explain specifications of available rooms and suites to the customers on phone, in person and via email. Well versed in greeting guests and performing registration duties. Experienced in working closely with the housekeeping department to cater for the guest’s preferences and special requests when possible.


Some employers prefer a profile summary showcasing a few desired skills. This is a very safe way to design your summary. The best way to go about it to find out the required skills and only mention the same in your summary statement.


An experienced hotel front desk associate with a solid track record of performing hotel reception tasks while maintaining guest arrivals protocol. Proficient in assisting guests in room selection. Ability to multitask and maintain the front desk in an organized manner.

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