Sample Achievements to Put on Resume for Hostess

Updated on: May 16, 2019

Hostesses or waitresses work at restaurants and the same hospitality settings where they are responsible for providing customer services by taking and relaying orders.

They greet customers as they arrive and politely ask them how big a table they require.


Once they know how many people need to be seated, they escort customers to the right table and seat them.

Also, they provide them with menus and give them information on restaurant specials and also take food and beverage orders.

Once an order has been placed, a hostess must ensure that it is delivered to the customer on time.

To work at this position, one needs to possess a pleasant personality.


Employers looking to hire hostesses concentrate on the achievements section of a resume when making a decision. The following sample achievements can provide you with an idea of what to look for on a resume:

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Sample Achievements for Hostess Resume

• Arranged a successful large gathering, hosting 150 customers by providing them with exceptional food and beverage services within a two hour period.

• Introduced a special a la carte menu for health-conscious customers in conjunction with the head chef.

• Reduced operations cost by 12000$ per month by introducing cloth napkins instead of the usual disposable ones.

• Increased customer base by 33% in a single year by employing exceptional customer service tactics which became popular through word of mouth and ended up in attracting more customers to the restaurant.

• Supervised three toddler birthday parties in one afternoon without compromising on the quality of service.

• Awarded Hostess of the Month award three times in a row following exceptional customer services.

• Handled angry customers using tact and diplomacy thereby diffusing an extremely volatile situation.

• Constantly exceeded customer service targets between the years 2016 and 2018.

• Trained new hires as hosts and hostesses for deployment to the restaurant’s offshore branches.

• Accommodated several special setting requests for customer events in accordance to set instructions.

• Continuously commended for hard work and going the extra mile in providing customer services.

• Filled in for the head chef for three weeks following sickness absence without compromising on the quality of food.

• Retained an irate restaurant patron by providing him with free meal coupons and ensuring continuous patronage.

• Introduced and implemented a customer reservation system that brought about professionalism and ease of reservation activities.

• Introduced a range of salads to the restaurant’s existing salad menu which brought about much interest from health-conscious customers.

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