Hostesses or Servers work in hotels, restaurants, clubs, resorts and other hospitality settings. They provide customers with first tier services by greeting them as they enter, accompanying them to their tables and providing them with menus. Other job responsibilities include taking and delivering orders, replenishing food and beverage supplies and collecting cash.

A hostess’s job is to ensure a perfect dining experience for the guests. This will include seating arrangements and food quality too. While it is not the hostess’s job to ensure that food is up to standards, she needs to ensure that the order is taken correctly and delivered to the guest in a time efficient manner. Other important work of a hostess is to arrange parties within the premises and sometimes act as cashier.

Hostesses need to be very efficient individuals. While they are usually provided with on job training, they need to be naturally friendly and courteous. This demeanor should be evident especially in the objective statement of the hostess resume.

Here are a few examples of objective statements for a hostess’s or server’s resume:

Entry Level Hostess Resume Objective Statements

• Hostess position with Marriott New York utilizing my knowledge of hospitality industry and strong customer service skills

• Looking for a position of Hostess at Le Grand where I can use my guest relation skills and communication acumen to provide hotel guests with a perfect dining experience

• Seeking a Server position at the Hilton Hotel where my versatility in providing excellent customer services and exceptional communication skills can be utilized to contribute to the hotel’s success

Experienced Hostess Resume Objective Statements

• To obtain a position of Hostess / Server at Shelton Inn. Offering hands-on experience and competence in greeting guests and serving food and assure outstanding service

• To work as a Hostess for Pearl Continental using my refined, cultured and well spoken demeanor to provide exceptional services to patrons

• Seeking a position as a Server with Gran Hyatt, offering extensive experience in first tier customer services and related culinary expertise