Hospital Volunteer Skills for Resume

Updated on: December 3, 2015


Resume skills section is generally devoted to all your useful abilities which cannot be overtly communicated in the summary or work history due to limited availability of space. Having an entire section for stating your skills doesn’t translate into extra space. The whole resume being not long than a single page, your skills section also calls for brevity.

• Its only worth mentioning if it is relevant: Irrelevant skills do no good to your resume, instead these make the hiring managers lose interest and move on to the next resume in the pile immediately.

• Mention the impact you can make with a certain skill: Just stating your skills is not enough, effective resumes also reflect the impact offered skills can have on the quality of services being delivered by the hiring firm.

• Organization matters: Skills can be content based, functional or management related. Make sure your skills section is broadly categorized and same type of skills are clustered or arranged in proximity to reflect a good sense of organization, while also making it easier for the hiring managers to make sense out of the skills section at a glance.

Sample Skills for Hospital Volunteer Resume

• Skilled in providing excellent front desk support, patient call response and information assistance
• Well practiced in assisting doctors and nurses in moving the patients within the hospital and providing supplies during medical procedures
• Substantial knowledge of computerized database systems, fully capable of retrieving patient data from previous records
• Completely familiar with HIPPA issued infection control protocols applicable to medical settings
• Expert in sterilizing and preparing equipment trays for various invasive procedures including endoscopy, catheterization and food pipe insertion
• Competent at collecting information about the patients’ medical history and compiling accurate medical records and comprehensive case files
• Full command on completing patients’ discharge data files and conducting the required paper work
• Efficient in anticipating and assessing patients’ needs and providing the support needed to help make them as comfortable as possible
• Track record of demonstrating empathy and compassion while delivering high quality patient care
• Hands on experience in changing dressing of postsurgical wounds and identifying any signs of infection in the same
• Profound ability to relax and comfort anxious patients prior to medical procedures
• Demonstrated skills in acting as a point of contact for families, explaining them the medical procedures and treatment plans
• Qualified to monitor and record patients’ vital signs, temperature and blood pressure
• Apt at helping patients in feeding, grooming, dressing and mobilizing