Prosthodontist Job Description for Resume

Updated May 17, 2017

A prosthodontist is a dental expert who possesses great insight into diagnosing and treating oral diseases and deformities. These individuals must not be confused with regular dentists who perform work that is a little different from this. Typically, it is the job of a prosthodontist to measure and take impressions of patients’ jaws and teeth to determine what shape and size of dental prosthesis should be manufactured, and to replace missing teeth and associated oral structures.

Working as a prosthodontist requires one to possess a degree in dentistry, along with some experience in working in this capacity. Deep insight into designing and fabricating dental prosthesis, fitting dental prosthesis in patients’ mouths, making necessary adjustments, restoring functions and aesthetics for patients who have gone through physical trauma, and repairing and relining teeth are just some of the main qualifications that are required to work at this position. In addition to this, it is important for prosthodontists to handle pain management and anesthesia administration activities.

Prosthodontists may work in hospitals or dedicated dental facilities – some even have their own practices. Many people initially working as dental assistants opt to take up a career as prosthodontists. Dentists who want to specialize in a certain area may also decide to train as orthodontists – think of orthodontists as dental doctors with an edge! Typical work duties of an individual working as a prosthodontist include:

Job Description for Prosthodontist Resume

• Interview patients to determine their specific dental problems and diseases, and document all provided information

• Perform diagnostic activities to determine causes of dental problems and diseases, using a wide variety of diagnostic equipment and instruments

• Create and implement plans of action to meet patients’ needs regarding teeth replacement and bridging

• Place veneers onto teeth in order to conceal defects and repair, rebase and reline dentures

• Inspect jaws and mouths to determine causes of pain and develop and implement correlating pain management programs

• Change tooth shape and close gaps using bonding technology and design and fabricate dental prosthesis

• Fit prosthesis and make necessary adjustments to ensure comfort and appropriate fits

• Measure and take impressions of patients’ jaws and teeth in order to determine the shape and size of dental prosthesis

• Replace missing teeth and other oral structures with permanent fixtures including crowns, bridges and removable dentures

• Perform complex dental restorations and perform bleaching activities on to brighten and whiten patients’ smiles

• Administer anesthesia and prescribe medication such as antibiotics and painkillers to assist with quick healing and pain management