Podiatrist Skills for Resume

Updated May 13, 2017

No sane person will ever tell you not to concentrate on the skills section in your resume. By far, the skills section is the most important part of the resume, bringing you out to be an individual who is worthy of an interview. The sad thing is that most of us do not bother placing too much emphasis on this section, incorrectly projecting the image that we are not concerned if the prospective employer gets to know how good we are. The basic idea behind writing a resume is to make sure that you convince the hiring manager that you are worth every second he or she will spend in training you. The skills section is a strong element within the resume, which articulates your abilities as no other section in the document can.

Unfortunately, the skills section is also the most difficult to write. After all, how much can one show off? The answer to this is that one can show off as much as one wants to in the skills section, provided that the information is true and can be verified. Does that make things easier? Yes! So, what do we do? We create a list of skills that are relevant to the position that we are applying for, provided that they are also true.

What follows is a list of skills for the position of a podiatrist:

Sample Skills for Podiatrist Resume

• Effectively able to communicate with patients and their families to determine their specific foot, ankle and lower limb related problems

• Highly experienced in examining patients, assessing situations and creating and implementing treatment plans to counter foot related diseases

• Deeply familiar with diagnosing and treating conditions such as corns, calluses, ingrown nails, bunions, cysts and abscesses through surgical procedures

• Hands-on experience in treating bone, muscle and joint disorders that may affect that feet or ankles

• First-hand experience in advising patients about treatments and foot care techniques necessary for prevention of problems in the future

• Deep insight into performing medical history obtainments, physical examinations and x-rays to diagnose diseases and deformities of the foot

• Demonstrated ability to prescribe medication, corrective devices, physical therapy and surgery to assist in handling foot related problems and diseases

• Qualified to determine symptoms indicative of systemic disorders such as diabetes and arthritis, and providing required referral services

• Competent in prescribing, producing and fitting prosthetic appliances and providing patients with information on care and maintenance of said devices

• Proven ability to handle fungal conditions and fractures by performing strategically placed podiatric procedures