Retail environments are abuzz with so much going on and so many people making it all happen. Needless to say, retail environments are busy! This is especially true for the grocery section of retail stores where lots of people come to shop every day. Owing to this fact, it is important for grocery stores to hire very competent staff who can handle the challenging tasks that prevail here.

Position Overview

Grocery store baggers are hired for one prime purpose and that is to make sure that customers’ purchases are quickly and efficiently bagged and delivered to their cars. Grocery baggers do not only bag purchases but are also responsible for providing customers with information on where certain products may be displayed and often, lead them to the products. They also assist customers in choosing items and unloading these items onto conveyor belts so that they can be billed. Once this is done, it is their responsibility to bag all purchased items properly and assist customers in putting everything in their cars.

But to do all this, one has to possess multiple skills. Grocery store baggers must not only be physically dexterous – they also need to possess knowledge of how the retail world works. Here is a list of skills and capabilities that a grocery store bagger must possess:

Skills and Abilities for Grocery Store Bagger Resume

• Well-versed with f retail operations particularly the grocery section

• Good communication (verbal and written) skills in English and Spanish

• Track record of reading and understanding instructions and carrying out work duties accordingly

• Known for upholding safety and work rules of the company

• Exceptional manual dexterity to ensure repeated and coordinated use of hands, arms, wrists and fingers

• Demonstrated ability to handle difficult tasks with professionalism

• Known for building and maintaining professional relationships with customers and staff

• Long term interest in providing outstanding customer service with a strong ability to attain customer loyalty

• Competent at adapting to change especially in circumstances which require employee rotation

• Friendly and outgoing attitude

• Committed to handle irate customers and adverse situations effectively

• Basic knowhow of inventory activities and stock management

• Able to follow directions provided by supervisors

• Familiar with cash machine operations and light bookkeeping activities

• Aware of modern bagging techniques akin to both plastic and paper bags

• Ability to work well in a team as well as individually