Grocery Bagger and Courtesy Clerk Skills for Resume

Updated April 6, 2022
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Grocery baggers are usually known as courtesy clerks as an authorized job title.

They are employed by supermarkets and may spend their whole workday providing customer service while bagging the grocery items for customers.

In smaller stores, they typically have more diverse job duties, including cashiering and merchandising.

When writing a resume for a grocery bagger position, you should emphasize your job-related skills.

The skills section should be included immediately after your objective or summary statement.

Below is a list of skills that employers want to see in a Grocery Bagger or Courtesy Clerk Resume.

Sample Skills for Grocery Bagger and Courtesy Clerk

• Known to uphold and comply with company procedures, standards, and policies.

• Ability to remain calm in all situations.

• Profound ability to greet customers in a polite and friendly manner.

• Talented in providing superior customer service.

• Actively wrapping and placing merchandise in bags/carts.

• Competent at bagging goods to the parked vehicles of customers.

• Ensuring the cleanliness of the store’s floor and front end.

• Dexterous to collect and return shopping carts.

• Quick in returning store products.

• Exceptional talent for handling the checkout counter in the absence of a cashier.

• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

• Demonstrated ability to stand, walk, and move for 75% of a shift.

• Able to write simple correspondence.

• Friendly and polite attitude.

• Proven capability of lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling equipment.

• Good listening abilities.

• Great attention to detail.

• Particularly effective in lifting and carrying up to 45 lbs.

• Well versed in delivering accurate information to customers and co-workers.

• Basic mathematical skills.

• Demonstrated ability to apply rational understanding to perform detailed instructions.

• Record of dealing with problems effectively.

• Outstanding capacity for transferring products utilizing automatic equipment such as a pallet jack.

• Willing to take part in the required training and to work with the team to boost customer satisfaction and sales.

• Ability to read and understand simple instructions, short communication, and memos.

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