Bagger Skills for Resume (Hard and Soft Skills)

Updated January 26, 2022
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A bagger’s resume must be well-equipped with a practical skills section that will make your candidacy stand out.

In fact, a skills section of a bagger resume makes its appearance interesting and increases the chances of an interview.

View the following sample skills statements which are highly relevant to the bagger job. 

Select  4-5 phrases to include in your CV or resume for the grocery bagger or courtesy clerk position.

Sample Hard Skills for Bagger Resume

• Skilled in providing warm, as well as engaging interaction with customers.
• Highly experienced in packing, wrapping, and moving merchandise quickly and safely.
• Unique talent for ensuring a clean and orderly workplace.
• Demonstrated ability to follow the department’s standard operating procedures.
• Proven ability to clean and sanitize check-stands and stock them with bags.
• Track record of delivering exceptional service to all customers.
• Proficient in taking carts to the drive and load area.
• Able to push and pull carts.
• Unique ability to display merchandise.
• Known to work on the checkout counter in the absence of a cashier.
• Committed to the safety of merchandise and the workplace.
• Demonstrated ability to operate forklifts and pallet jacks.
• Able to follow procedures on paper and pre-defined methods.
• Basic computer and internet skills for data entry and search.
• Proven record of maintaining food product safety.
• Keeping accurate records.
• Processing customer payments and discounts.
• Performing store opening and closing duties.
• Cleaning and sanitizing checkout counters and parking areas.

Bagger Soft Skills for Resume

• Problem-solving
• Resolving disputes among coworkers
• Proven record of working productively without supervision
• Sound decision-making and teamwork skills
• Proper attention to detail to ensure correctness
• Excellent communications skills – both verbal and written
• Eager to work on rotating shifts and weekends based on requirements
• Willing to work overtime without prior notice
• Able to lift 50 lbs consistently
• Bilingual: Ability to read, write, and type English and Spanish

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