Bagger Duties for Resume

Updated on: May 8, 2019

Grocery baggers or courtesy clerks work in retail settings where their basic job description is in the title – they bag groceries and other items that customers have purchased.

They decide which article goes in the same bag as another and how much to put in one bag.



A bagger’s duty does not end at bagging. That is to say, hey may be required to assist customers with carrying out bags of groceries or other items along with creating rapport with customers in order to provide them with excellence in customer services.

As mentioned, people working as baggers are not required to do just bagging. They are often rotated in other duties so that the retail store can manage their staff effectively.

They are often promoted to the position of a cashier which is why they need to be familiar with cash registers and adding machines. Their customer orientation needs to be extremely well-honed as they are always in direct contact with the customer.

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Take a look at a list of duties that a bagger is expected to perform. These phrases can be effectively utilized in a resume.


Job Description / Duties for a Bagger Resume

• Bag groceries and other items
• Verify prices of items
• Carry packed items or bags in carts for performing check out services
• Place bags and sacks in customers’ vehicles
• Collect shopping carts and baskets and deliver them to the right place
• Return grocery items left at checkout counters to their rightful places
• Price and shelf items
• Assist customers in loading/unloading of merchandise
• Greet customers and assist them with item location
• Maintain parking lot cleanliness
• Perform cashier duties when needed
• Create a friendly and fun environment
• Work collaboratively to achieve the common goals of the grocery store
• Transport carts from the parking area in the grocery store
• Answer the questions of customers utilizing excellent communication skills
• Handle irate customers calmly by using tact and diplomacy

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