Even though a candidate’s contact information is placed at the top of a resume, it is not the first thing an employer sees. The part of a resume that catches an employer’s eye in the very first go is the Front Office resume objective. Needless to say the objective on a resume needs to be extremely eye catching and very precise.

A person working at the front office holds an extremely difficult and very important job. Being the first point of contact is very daunting and it takes a certain type of person to be able to do this job perfectly. An employer will look for certain qualities in a candidate before he employs someone for this position. It is obvious that the resume a candidate sends in will be scrutinized closely to see if the candidate has the mettle to be positioned at the front desk and this is usually derived from a candidate’s resume objective.

A front desk resume objective needs to be company-oriented which means that there should be some evidence in it that points to the fact that a candidate is interested in seeking a position to provide benefit to an organization. A self centered resume objective will force the employer to throw the resume in the nearest trash can.

Here are some resume objectives for a front office / desk positions that employers would like to see:

• To obtain a position of Front Office Manager with ABC Company where I can utilize my first contact experience and skills in a highly stimulating environment

• Seeking a position at the front desk of Hilton Hotel that will use my well honed skills in the hospitality industry to provide excellent guest services

• Looking for a position as a Front Desk Associate where my expertise in organizational management can be used to make significant contribution to furthering customer base

• To work for an organization where I can employ my front desk experience in order to interact with customers and create positive impressions

• Seeking an opportunity to work for an organization as a Front Office Administrator that will employ my ability to manage customers and schedules to maximize its work and position in the industry