Hotel Front Desk Receptionist Job Description

Updated June 16, 2017

Working as a receptionist in any capacity is not without its challenges – but working at this position in a hotel is even more challenging. You are in constant contact with people from all walks of life, who have the capacity to add to the hotel’s revenue – you just cannot mess it up. Basically, a hotel receptionist is the first person that a guest or visitor will come into contact with when he or she enters the place. She will greet people, provide them with required information, handle reservations, allot rooms, and ensure that both check-in and check-out procedures are properly handled.

To be considered eligible to work as a hotel receptionist, you do not need more than a high school diploma or a GED. However, if you have a degree in hotel management, you may have great chances of climbing the ladder quickly. As a hotel receptionist, you have to be pleasant and friendly, and ensure that the first contact with all individuals is positive. Since guests will essentially judge hotel standards by how you treat them, it is important for you to follow protocol where guest interaction is concerned.

Furthermore, you will need to be well-organized and meticulous in what you do if you want to work as a hotel receptionist. Some of the main duties that you will be expected to perform in this role include:

Job Description for Hotel Front Desk Receptionist Resume

• Greet guests and visitors as they approach the front desk and politely inquire into their reason for visiting

• Check reservations to determine details and confirm reservation and room statuses

• Provide visitors with information on guests’ room numbers (where allowed) and arrange for them to be escorted

• Divulge information regarding the hotel’s facilities and services and encourage guests to make use of them

• Operate the PABX system by responding to telephone calls and providing required information

• Take and relay messages to staff members and guests and provide call back services

• Handle hotel correspondence, emails and filing duties and ensure that advanced bookings are accurately punched into the system

• Handle cancellations according to protocols and inform guests on waiting lists about slot availabilities

• Provide information regarding room prices and costs of additional services, not part of the room package

• Assist guests in checking in to their rooms and checking out, ensuring that all documentation is available

• Coordinate efforts with the accounts department to expedite payments and provide guests with information on what is owed to the facility

• Ascertain the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the front desk and waiting areas, by coordinating efforts with the janitorial staff