If you do not have professional experience or a college degree (and are hoping to secure an entry level job as a flight attendant) you may consider starting your resume with a resume objective. Technically, an objective is used in resumes that are written for entry level positions or those where career changes are evident. However, a professional individual with years of experience may also choose to write an objective on his or her resume. There is no rule against it.

An objective statement for flight attendant resume can be split into three parts – so that you can delve into how they need to be written:

• Self-introduction, by highlighting your strong points, provided that you can prove them

• Explicitly mentioning which role you want to fit in within the company

• Emphasizing that you are capable of handling the work and obtain airline goals successfully

Based on these, you can write a resume objective that is sure to pique the reader’s interest.

So how do you prove that you are as qualified as you claim in your resume objective?

To be honest, a resume objective cannot be a long paragraph of self-praise. You have limited space in this section and you just have to make the most of it.

However, it is important to make sure that you prove what you have written in your resume, in the following sections. What do resume objectives look like? Following are the top 5 objectives for a flight attendant resume:

Top 5 Objectives for a Flight Attendant Resume

• Energetic and competent individual seeking a position as a Flight Attendant at XO Jet. Offers 6+ years’ track record of providing exceptional on-board services to ensure passenger safety and comfort.

• Results-driven professional looking for a Flight Attendant position with Mesa Air Group employing adeptness at managing preflight preparations and aircraft inspection, along with handling in-flight catering services to passengers.

• Desire a Flight Attendant position at United Airlines. Bringing skills in delivering constant onboard services to passengers and crew members in accordance with established procedures and performance standards.

• To work for Spirit Airlines as a Flight Attendant utilizing hands-on experience in providing excellence in onboard customer services by ensuring their enjoyment, safety and wellbeing.

• To obtain a position as a Flight Attendant with Republic Airways. Enthusiastic to apply expertise in performing internal safety inspections, handling public address systems before, during and after flights and enforcing and advising passengers of safety infractions.