A resume along with a well-written cover letter for flight attendant is the doorway to an interview. For that reason, you have to mention your skills and qualifications in a clear and concise manner.

Airline’s hiring managers give a quick look at numerous resumes simultaneously and focus on a particular application if the employee’s particular skills grab their attention. The skills written in your resume will help them find a match between their needs and your abilities.

The skills section is also important because it shows your enthusiasm and eligibility for the flight attendant position. This section lets you demonstrate your particular training and education or summarizes particular traits that would be beneficial for prospective airline.

Below are some sample skills particularly created for a flight attendant resume. You may add some or all of the following bullets in your resume or CV.

Flight Attendant Resume Skills Examples

• Track record of providing constant attention to passengers or guests, offering them with a safe and comfortable on board experience

• Working knowledge of all emergency procedures and the use of all emergency tools on board the aircraft

• Hands-on experience in performing all cabin duties and guest service in a way that is caring, professional and reflects credit upon the airline

• Effectively helps passengers to board on flight, help them locate their seats and assist them with luggage

• Special talent for preparing and serving food and beverages

• Exceptional ability to remain cam in emergencies and guide passenger for appropriate actions

• Excellent on-board sales and upselling skills

• In-depth knowledge of standard and advanced protocols of airline industry

• Proven ability to communicate technical information to passengers in a precise and customer-friendly way

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills

• Fluent in English, Spanish and Chinese

• Skilled in operating all emergency exits and aircraft equipment using all the required movements and force up to 70 pounds

• Able to give detailed and excellent service to passengers