Flight Attendant Resume No Experience (Sample 2)

Updated on February 21, 2015

Writing entry level resumes is often riddled with uncertainties. Little or no experience in the airline industry can become a huge hindrance when penning down a flight attendant resume but it does not have to be this way. Since most employers are looking for confidence when they skim through resumes, it is necessary to appear as confident as possible – even without the benefit of prior experience. A resume for flight attendant should be full of enthusiasm about the airline business, physical fitness, company knowledge and the will to provide exceptional customer services, thousands of feet up in the air!

In such a case, an enthusiastic approach to applying will take you places – literally! Resume writing is no rocket science – you just have to tell it like it is. If you have had relevant experience (summer jobs or internships), do not be shy in mentioning them as these will take you a step further in the hiring process. The point of a resume is to get you to the interview stage which is why it is suggested that much effort should be put in writing a glowing resume.

What follows is a resume sample for a flight attendant with no prior experience. Have a look!


Flight Attendant Resume with No Experience


Layla Carter

354 Fannie Street ● Grafton, WV 81928● (999) 999-9999, layla.carter@email.com


Highly-motivated individual looking for a Flight Attendant position with Delta Airlines. Offers comprehensive knowledge of aviation industry. Immensely enjoy contact with people from varying backgrounds and possess high energy targeted at working long hours.


• Familiar with preflight briefings with special interest in learning and employing use of emergency equipment
• Demonstrated knowledge of meeting passengers’ needs before and during flight durations
• Comprehensive knowhow of handling inflight food and beverage services
• Able to handle adverse situations with irate passengers with an aim to ensure inflight harmony


– First Aid and CPR– Emergency response– Cabin management
– Pre-flight checks– Safety routines– On-board selling
– Physical endurance– Crises management– Customer service

High School Diploma: Grafton High School, Grafton, WV | July 2014


Ground Operations Agent
Grafton Airport, Grafton, WV, 6/2013 to 9/2013

• Assisted passengers in locating their luggage on conveyor belts
• Compared baggage tags with ticket stubs to ensure that luggage goes to the right passenger
• Provided passengers with information on terminals and airport amenities
• Assisted counter personnel in weighing and loading luggage onto conveyor belts
• Provided assistant to passengers in tagging hand luggage
• Coordinated activities with airport custodial staff to ensure general cleanliness and maintenance of passenger areas