Cover Letter for Food Service Manager

Updated on: November 30, 2016

An average cover letter contains little in terms of impressionable material. When it is time to write a cover letter for food service manager resume, mediocrity should not be the goal. You have to aim to achieve much higher than this. A cover letter is a peek into your professional abilities, so you have to make a positive impact on the person reading it.

Many of us deem cover letter writing as an extremely difficult thing to do. In actuality, it may not be as difficult as it seems. The main point of writing one is to deliver information to a prospective employer that you cannot manage to do in person. Since your main contact with a potential employer is through a resume and a cover letter, you have to do the best with these two documents. Since the former does not allow you to say much except write blocked information, you have to depend more on the cover letter.

Keep the reader hanging by a thread to ensure that he remains interested. The second the reader comes across information that is of no use to him, his interest will dwindle and so will your employment chances. Keep a balance between boasting and actual usable information. If you think you can handle this, you may have a look at the following sample for a little heads up:


Food Service Manager Cover Letter Sample


Patricia Burns
305 Riverwalk Apartments, 6th Street
Jellico, TN 65882
(000) 888-8888
p.burns @ email . com

November 30, 2016

Mr. Roman Nathanial
Hiring Manager
5 Sunset Avenue
Jellico, TN 37762


Dear Mr. Nathanial:

Food service is one of the most challenging environments to work in – it is also extremely fulfilling to be able to take up the challenges that it offers. As a dedicated and experienced food service manager, boasting of over 10 years of exposure in food service-related work, I consider myself an excellent contender to represent AECOM.

Owing to the fact that my experience and exposure is not limited to restaurants and cafes, I believe that I will be an excellent fit in the corporate environment that your organization offers. Some of the areas where you will find me to be exceptionally proficient include:

• High Quality Food Service
• Health and Safety Management
• Sourcing Focus
• Culinary Production
• Budget and Cost Control
• Portion Control Policies

For a more comprehensive view of my experience and qualifications to work as a food service manager, please refer to the enclosed resume. If you require any information that is not part of either of these documents, please feel free to contact me at (000) 888-8888.



Patricia Burns

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