Event Planning Interview Questions and Answers

Tell me about yourself?
I am an energetic, detail oriented and analytical minded person. My BS major was event coordination and I have been working freelance and full time previously for Marriott International and Easter Seals in capacity of event manager.

How would you rate your communication skills? What strategies do you use to ensure effective communication?
A confirm ten on ten. I always organize the things I need to communicate in my mind first. Then very clearly I address the concerned persons and make sure the message is through and has been comprehended by the other person. I also have good listening skills that facilitate interpersonal communication.


Share a particularly difficult situation you faced and how you dealt with it?
Back in 2011 I was coordinating a fund raising project hosted by WFU. The event was pretty much in the final stages when the client informed me that arrangements for additional 100 guests needed to be made. It was especially difficult since it was holiday season and reservations were not easy to get. I used all my resources and energy and finally was able to make the necessary amendments in original plan.

Can you outline the basic process of event planning?
Planning for any event begins with meeting the clients and determining their preferences. After the budget allocation I usually prepare a timeline. The tasks to be accomplished generally include venue selection, sending out invites, catering finalizations, travel and stay arrangements of guests, AV aids and acquisition or renting of conference materials for speakers.

What do you like best about this profession?
I’m an inborn planner and enjoy every aspect of planning from budgeting to catering selection however nothing beats the satisfaction that comes from the completion of a well planned event.

What do you know about us? Why do you want to join us?
WE PLAN is an established event management firm working in the NY city for a decade now. You offer exquisite event planning services and I would love to be a part of you winning team. I have attended some events organized by WE PLAN and strongly believe that my planning style and preferences are on the same plane as yours.

Name 3 traits you possess that have strengthened you as an event planner?
Ability to negotiate with vendors, strong leadership and organizational skills.

What kind of work schedule do you prefer? Are you okay with travelling?
Definitely! When I chose the profession I know that this job calls for site inspections, travelling and working at weekends. I’m perfectly fine with it and have a flexible work schedule.

What is your experience in planning promotional events?
I have organized 8 promotional events thus far, 2 out of which were international. All have generated either expected or more than expected funds target.

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