7 Cosmetology Resume Objectives with No Experience

Updated on: September 26, 2020
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It is untrue that only experienced cosmetologists are preferred by companies. In fact, newly trained ones are often preferred because they have fresh ideas and access to new technology and procedures.

However, you have to impress it upon the hiring manager that you working at the entry-level will not be an issue. This can be best done through the resume objective.

If you write a resume objective that shows that you are excellent in every sense, the hiring manager will be immediately impressed. To do this, your objective must be spot-on with the hiring manager’s requirements.

As a cosmetologist, your main skill will be the ability to determine which beauty treatments your clients need. In a Cosmetology resume objective with no experience, you must concentrate on your knowledge of assessing skin and hair, and determining the right treatments for them.

Make your cosmetology resume objective short and sweet. Bring a little intrigue into it.

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Here is how you can do this effectively:

Sample Resume Objectives for New Entry-level Cosmetologist with No Experience

1. Highly skilled Cosmetologist with current training in body aesthetics, seeking a position at Vidonia Salon to determine required beauty treatments, and providing services such as hair cuts, pedicures and manicures, facials, and hair masking. Well-versed in communicating with clients to understand their requirements.

2. Fresh and energetic Cosmetologist looking for a position at ABC Company. Leveraging knowledge of cutting, styling, and coloring hair in accordance with clients’ specifications. Proficient in performing body services such as massages, and body treatment procedures. Excellent ability to deliver superior customer services.

3. Strong desire to get a Cosmetologist position at Gene’s Beauty Bar. Offering well-placed capabilities in providing clients with information regarding hairstyles to suit their facial structures. Poised to perform skin treatments such as facial, cleansing, and bleaching.

4. Recent Cosmetology graduate seeking a challenging role to meet and exceed the expectations of the ABC company. Adept at evaluating skin types, and suggesting and performing required treatments. Ability to apply make-up in a creative manner. 

5. Highly competent Cosmetologist with a current cosmetology certificate seeking a position at Jay Peak Solutions. Bringing competency in providing face and body treatments in accordance with skin and hair types to deliver outstanding customer services.

6. New Cosmetologist with the familiarity with both retail and service ends of salons and spas. Seeking a position at Nirvana to utilize skills in providing nail, facial, and body treatments.

7. Qualified and creative Cosmetologist with current Cosmetology certification eager to contribute to ABC Company. Enthusiastic to provide exceptional facial and hairstyling services to clients while maintaining proper safety and sanitation of work areas, equipment, and tools. 

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