First Job Cover Letter Example (Comparison Format)

Updated May 12, 2019

Writing your first cover letter for a job can be a challenging task due to lack of experience.

Although the content of your first job cover letter will pretty much depend on the nature of the position being sought, however, we offer immense guidance regarding the general format, constituent paragraphs and writing style.



Since it is a first job cover letter, you probably have no experience to flaunt except maybe a short internship.

Well! that is nothing to worry about, there is always a first time in everything you do!

The key is to highlight and showcase your job-relevant skills in order to compensate for the lack of experience in your cover letter.


Below is a sample first job cover letter for a general office job.


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First Job Cover Letter Sample


Carla Schmidt
98 Bentleys Lane
Atlanta, GA 98332
(002) 666-7777
carla . Schmidt @ email . com

May 12, 2019

Mr. Daniel Maslow
Maslow Associates
86 Rooky Towers
Atlanta, GA 98332


Dear Mr. Maslow:

I came across your advertisement for the position of an office assistant on Indeed. My AS degree in Office Management recently coupled with an outgoing and highly interactive personality, I believe I am the perfect candidate for this job.

Listed below are my core competencies in clerical and secretarial work which are closely aligned with your demands in your advertisement:

Your Requirements My Competencies
✱ Self-motivated and energetic individual with a serious interest in office assistance. ✔ Being a fresh high school graduate, I am quite self-driven and enthusiastic regarding work. Offer exceptional office assistance skills with great passion and zeal to contribute to your organization.
✱ Ability to handle front desk tasks. ✔ A month’s volunteer front desk work at ‘Insperity’ polished my reception skills. Possess a profound ability to handle reception tasks and tackle front desk situations.
✱ Proficiency in typing and MS office suite. ✔ Being a tech-savvy individual, well equipped with knowledge and skills related to the computer, MS office, internet, and email.

In light of the remarkable relevance between my qualifications and your job description, I excitedly anticipate an interview call. I’ll be very happy to discuss the position details with you. I will also call in at your office later this week to follow-up. May you have any questions in the interim, please call me at (002) 666-7777.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Carla Schmidt

Encl. Resume

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