An Educational Assistant is an aid to a teacher in a school or a college. If you want to be one, you will be like an extra pair of hands – and of course a brain – to help the teacher. This means that you will have to help the teacher monitor the development of the students. This will include making lessons plans, monitoring class participation and sometimes even grading papers. Sometimes you will have to mentor individual students who need extra help. You may also need to do some administrative work like photocopying and making displays alike to help in teaching.

To be an Educational Assistant you need to be at least a graduate student. And of course, you must have excellent language and communication skills.

During selection process of Educational Assistant opening, a hiring committee will often read hundreds of resumes at a time because there is no shortage of job seekers. Therefore, a well-written resume along with an attractive objective will guarantee your consideration. Reading through the following sample objectives can help you write your own objective statements. These examples are provided to give you a basic idea of an objective for your resume.


Educational Assistant Resume Objective Examples

• Looking for a position as an Educational Assistant at Burberry School where I can use my organizational skills and secretarial experience to contribute to the academic success of the school

• Seeking a position of Educational Assistant at the School of Arts and Sciences where I can contribute to the development of the school using my teaching skills and experience of monitoring student growth

• To obtain a position as Educational Assistant at the University of the Midlands applying lesson planning and teaching experience to contribute to student development

• To secure a position as Educational Assistant at the College of Natural Science utilizing my communication, clerical and teaching skills in order to achieve success for both students and the college

• Educational Assistant position with the College of Natural History. Offering skills in harboring classroom behavior, prudent and apt instructions and student counseling