Qualifications for a Delivery Driver Resume

Updated on November 3, 2019

When an employer picks up a resume for a delivery driver position, s/he does not merely look for experience.

Most employers look for recognized, up to date qualifications from the people who apply for a job at their company.


Oddly enough, even the most experienced candidates are sometimes those who are not qualified for a job. How, you ask?

Well, the experience is no guarantee of being qualified. Experience is relevant. You may be experienced only because you have spent a certain amount of time in a place.

But that does not mean that you have managed to perform your work well. Qualifications help you perform well, so employers generally concentrate more on qualifications.

Typically, recruiters write job advertisements that specify that a degree or a certain amount of experience is needed for a particular position. Credit where it is due – degrees and experience are important and should not really be compared with qualifications.


However, qualifications cannot be overlooked either. They form an essential part of a candidate’s personality – and his resume.

Through this section on a resume, potential employers make important hiring decisions.

Mostly, it is taken for granted that if people have the experience, they must be qualified to do the job. That may or may not be true. Either way, it is important to outline your qualifications in a resume for prospective employers to see.

For a delivery driver position, being qualified for the job is extremely important, as you cannot get away without being skilled at what you do.

For examples of qualifications for a delivery driver resume, read below:

Sample Qualifications for a Delivery Driver Resume

• Verifiable track record of driving large delivery vehicles on dedicated in-city and inter-city routes.

• Able to represent the company through strong product knowledge and positive representation.

• Well versed in using both ordinary maps and complex GPS to chart out the shortest and most viable routes for deliveries.

• Special talent for performing preventative and regular maintenance activities on delivery trucks to ensure constantly smooth operations.

• Proficient in verifying orders before loading them onto the delivery truck, with the aim of ensuring accurate item delivery.

• Able to deliver items in a time-efficient manner by quickly and competently checking routes, time frame, and delivery cycles.

• Physically dexterity aimed at lifting and moving large and heavy objects for the purpose of loading and unloading them onto delivery trucks.

• Able to handle roadside emergencies efficiently by employing knowledge of vehicle repair.

• Comprehensive knowledge of company invoicing and customer service policies, aimed at handling cash and obtaining signed receipts post deliveries.

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