CDL Truck Driver Resume Summary Examples

Updated on: February 25, 2018

A summary is probably a better option than an objective when writing a CDL truck driver resume.

This is not to say that an objective is any less than a summary, but when you are an experienced individual, an objective may not cut it! So a resume summary it is!

You may have to research a little before you begin writing a resume summary though. It is not only the content that matters – the way you present information is necessary too.

Since a CDL truck driver resume summary gives you a lot of space to write your bit, it is easy to articulate how well you fit a particular job. But there are a few things that you must keep in mind if you want to be great at writing a resume summary. Foremost is the content. What will you write? The content of your summary should include your skills and abilities to do a job. But that is not all. You also have to make sure that you highlight your attributes as being an excellent communicator and possessing the ability to get along well with people from diverse backgrounds.

Resume summaries should not be more than five sentences – a short paragraph is all that you need to get your point across. Confused? Refer to the following examples:


Sample Summaries for CDL Truck Driver Resume


• Dexterous and highly energetic CDL Truck Driver with 8+ years’ hands-on experience in driving different types of trucks on interstate routes. Well-versed with electronic equipment and software, including GPS, AVL units, and CB. An excellent communicator who has a great ability to get along with people from different walks of life, along with the capability to adapt to unforeseen situations such as traffic and weather conditions.

• Self-motivated and hardworking CDL Truck Driver with an impeccable driving record spanning over 12 years. Extensive comprehension of applicable commercial truck driving rules and regulations along with the ability to work independently over long periods of time.

• Exceptionally dedicated and enthusiastic individual with over ten years of experience working as a commercial truck driver. Deeply familiar with delivering freight, managing proof of delivery paperwork and efficiently checking the mechanical aspects of delivery trucks to ensure smooth running.

• Reliable, resourceful and systematic CDL Driver with a 15-plus-year track record of mapping delivery routes, inspecting trucks for mechanical conformity and ensuring that all deliveries are made in a time-efficient manner. Good hand-eye coordination and exceptional stamina, aimed at driving commercial trucks for long periods of time.

• CDL Truck Driver, known for meticulousness and extraordinary map-reading skills. Hands-on experience in driving delivery trucks with the capacity of more than 3 tons, to transport materials to specified destinations.