Student Affairs Director Job Description for Resume

Updated: June 7, 2016

Position Overview

Many colleges and universities hire the services of experienced student affairs directors to help them establish and maintain partnerships across the facility. Outstanding interpersonal skills, the ability to exercise good judgement and exceptional organizational abilities are paramount in this work. High potential candidates for this role are those who understand and can foster and promote the university or college’s mission and purpose.

Since student affairs directors work in educational facilities, they are required to be able to understand and address students’ issues. Understanding of creating and implementing policies and generating outreach programs to interest student bodies in the institute’s activities is also important.


Eligibility criteria to work as a student affairs director include a graduate degree in a relevant field, a few years of experience in an administrative field, and deep understanding of administrative law and principles of natural justice. Ability to engage in critical thought and analyze all types of quantitative and qualitative data into informational reports is also important.

Student Affairs Director Job Description for Resume

• Lead and represent the department of student affairs and ensure safety of students and consistency of practice
• Provide university-wide leadership through effective direction of the department’s work with both faculty and staff
• Plan department budgets and ensure that all student affairs activities are handled within the limitations set by the budget
• Provide leadership and advice to students in reference to procedures and policies and ensure that risk management issues are handled properly
• Plan and organize student-supported activities and services and develop and implement tactical and operational plans and procedures to support the university’s goals and missions
• Promote students in the preparation of social, cultural and recreational activities
• Provide individual and group counseling on social activities and educational issues
• Evaluate implemented student programs and provide suggestions for changes or modifications
• Develop and implement core plans to foster student leadership and professionalism
• Oversee and advise student professional organizations and develop and maintain calendar f student related activities and events
• Promote student participation in social, cultural and recreational activities by creating and implementing core outreach programs
• Develop and maintain effective communication channels with students, faculty and staff members