How to Prepare for a Dietary Aide Interview?

September 17, 2019

If you know your job as a dietary aide inside-out, preparing for an interview should not be a problem.

You will be asked standard questions regarding what you know about nutrition and food preparation techniques.


However, since interviews can make candidates nervous (and forget all that they know), it is important to prepare – no matter how confident you feel about the work.

The golden rule of thumb for a dietary aide interview is to be one step ahead of the interviewer.

How does one do that?

By simply rehearsing and re-rehearsing answers to potential questions. The key to being prepared is to do your homework. If you ask yourself the following questions, you will be able to do this properly:

• What is a dietary aide’s job description?

• How do I fit into the specific requirements of employer?

• Do I know what I will need to do apart from just assisting cooks and healthcare staff in ensuring that patients get the right kind of food?

• How will I need to interact with patients? What kind of questions should I ask them to gauge their nutritional needs?

• Am I qualified to interpret tests results to gauge what deficiencies patients have so that I can help them overcome them?

The answer to all these questions will serve as a baseline for your preparation. While you may have minimal contact with patients in your job as a dietary aide (depending on where you work), you will still need to be very hands-on in answering questions that are aimed at patients’ welfare.

Typical questions that you will be asked during an interview for the position of a dietary aide will revolve around the questions (given above) that you ask yourself. So the preparation part is actually quite easy.

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Other questions will focus on you as an individual so you might have to prepare yourself to answer questions that reflect your interest in the job.

Why would you want to pursue a career as a dietary aide?

Why does a particular job intrigue you?

How would you conduct yourself or handle a situation where a patient is being extremely difficult?

All these questions are aimed at determining if you are fit to work at this position.

No matter what type of questions you are asked, you must be direct and not mince your words. As a dietary aide, you will be working in a responsible position so you have to exhibit knowledge and integrity during an interview.

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