A dental hygienist works in conjunction with a dentist in order to meet the oral needs of a patient. They primarily assess patients’ oral health conditions, perform head and neck examinations and also take blood pressure and pulse.

There are many essential skills that a dental hygienist is expected to possess – as this is very sensitive work. Going to a dentist is a great fear and the ability to make patient comfortable is on top of the list of their skills. In fact, the skills of a dental hygienist are countless.

Take a look at some skills for dental hygienists. These phrases can be utilized to build a Dental Hygienist Resume.

Dental Hygienist Skills and Abilities

• Proven record of providing excellence in dental care

• In depth knowledge of procedures and equipment used in dental work

• Well-versed in using different dental practice software

• Possess state dental license

• Working knowledge of administering oral prophylaxis

• Demonstrated ability to perform radiographs to asses the patient’s mouth

• Competent in helping dentist to remove calculus and plaque

• Able to counsel patients about good nutrition and healthy eating habits

• Talented in making impressions of the teeth in order to study diseases or fabricate oral aides

• Able to chart out individually based dental programs

• Knowledge of dental health maintenance and infection control

• Proven ability to put patients at ease before starting an oral procedure

• Team oriented individual who efficiently works with others to get the job done

• Possess a lot of patience to work in long shifts

• Profound ability to bend over a patient for long time

• Excellent communication skills

• Solid knowledge of dental terminology

• Computer: Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint