How to Write a Good Resume for Dental Assistant Position

Updated on September 15, 2018

Position Overview

While dental assistants perform a lot of dental support duties, their first task is to put a patient to ease by explaining the procedure to him and to ensure that any uncalled for fears are soothed. Dental assistants are required to manage many administrative and chair-side tasks. They greet patients, take information to fill forms and provide them with information on what to expect during a dental procedure. They also assist dentists by preparing examination rooms, sterilizing instruments, taking x-rays and handing instruments during a procedure.

Dental assistants are hired after intense screening as this work requires someone who can handle patients psychologically and be able to perform regular dental support duties – sometimes simultaneously. So when you are applying for a position as a dental assistant, you will need to keep some things in mind especially when writing your resume.

Follow these guidelines if you want to make a good resume for Dental Assistant Position:

How to Write a Good Resume for Dental Assistant Position

As we assume that you are responding to an advertised position of Dental Assistant we suggest that, first of all, you determine which skills and capabilities the prospective employer is seeking in a candidate. If you want to obtain the best results, tailor your resume to the employer’s specific job requirements.

You should include the following sections in your resume:


After writing your contact information on the top of your resume, you need to write a targeted and compelling objective or summary statement. Many experts oppose writing an objective, but we strongly recommend including a career objective and customizing the rest of your resume in line with your objective.

Skills and Qualifications

When you are in the process of providing information regarding your qualifications and skills, make sure you use the language which is expected from dental office personnel – i.e., using related language will take you a long way. Mentioning relevant qualifications in dental assistance is a good idea; you can specify that you possess strong knowledge of sterilizing equipment, mixing fillings, applying local anesthetics and processing dental x-rays and alike. Remember that your administrative skills rank highly for this position so highlight them too.

Professional Experience

If you previously worked in a relevant capacity, highlight your experience in reverse chronological order under the following headings:
• Work history
• Relevant Experience
• Professional Experience

Within the experience section, create a sub-section of key achievements under every employment. Tell the prospective employer of any accomplishments that you may have done in your previous place of work or any awards that you may have received.


Mention the name of institute and detail of degree/diploma obtained. Do not mention your GPA or CGPA except it is higher than 3.

Additional Capabilities

This is an optional section which comes on last. You need to write relevant keywords in generic statements such as; Good communication skills, Great attention to detail and the like. The primary purpose of this section is to make your resume selected when the employer is shortlisting through a computer.

A successful dental assistant resume will depend highly on your qualifications, experience, education, and skills. You can make sections of these four areas on your resume and elaborate your skills and experiences as extensively as you can without exaggerating them.

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