Dental Office Manager Skills for Resume

Updated April 4, 2017

As a candidate, it is your duty to make sure that you fit the bill – communicating your worth to an employer is your business. If you expect the hiring manager to take your resume seriously, make sure that it contains serious information as well. The word skills might ring some bells here. When you are trying to convince a hiring manager that you are worth his money, time and resources, the best way to go about it is by telling him exactly what your skills are.

One thing that you must remember when highlighting your skills is that not all skills are important to a hiring manager even if they are to you. As an individual, you may have a huge skills set but unless it matches with the requirements of the employer, it won’t be much good to him. Making sure that whatever skills you mention in your resume correspond to the ones that are required by the employer is what is going to help you along.

Creating a match is often difficult, especially when resume writing is not a great strength. To make things easier, use the bullet point approach. Pinpoint all your skills in bullets and they will not only be easy for you to write, but easy on the hiring manager’s eyes too. Something like this:

Sample Skills for Dental Office Manager Resume

• Proficient in handling patient scheduling and follow-up duties, placing special emphasis on controlling and appropriately directing patient inflow

• Highly skilled in ensuring that the day to day operations of the dental facility are run in an efficient manner

• Demonstrated expertise in ensuring delivery of high quality care to patients by ensuring that all administrative and logistical ends are managed properly

• Deep familiarity with handling patient registration procedures and managing and verifying insurance information

• Exceptionally talented in resolving patients’ issues in accordance with the policies and procedures of the practice, and healthcare regulations

• Deep insight into coordinating with dental insurance companies to ensure that claims are paid in a timely manner

• Hands-on experience in managing specialist referral processes to ensure that patients are provided with the best possible care

• First-hand experience in determining, creating and implementing dental staff schedules, to ensure that the practice runs flawlessly

• Well-versed in organizing and overseeing dental equipment and supplies purchase systems, by creating and maintaining effective liaison with vendors and suppliers

• Highly experienced in creating patients’ records and maintaining patient data, placing great focus on both integrity and confidentiality of information