Dental Office Manager Job Description for Resume

Updated September 4, 2022
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Position Overview

A dental office manager is usually the administrative “be-all” of a dental practice.

He or she makes sure that the facility is run tightly and that any problems or adverse situations are handled in an immediate and appropriate manner.

Efficiency and organization should be your middle names if this is the type of work that you intend to do.

As a dental office manager, you will be handling a lot of duties, including hiring and training staff members, ensuring that all equipment and supplies are available during operational times, and making sure that patient inflow issues are managed efficiently.

Position Requirements

Usually, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as a dental office manager, provided that you have some background and experience in handling the intricacies associated with this work.

If you have worked in a secretarial capacity in a dental office previously, you may be a great candidate to work as a dental office manager.

To be able to coordinate the different aspects of working in this role, you will have to be great at multitasking and possess the ability to resolve issues in a proper manner.

Some of the main duties to add to a dental office manager resume include:

Dental Office Manager Job Description for Resume

• Interview, hire, and train staff members to handle the different administrative and clerical work duties within the dental office.
• Assist dentists and hiring managers in making important hiring decisions regarding bringing on-board dental assistants.
• Create and implement work schedules for dental facility staff members and ensure that they follow them precisely.
• Ensure that all members of the staff are working in accordance with the policies and procedures of the facility.
• Schedule patients for dental appointments and procedures over the telephone, through email, and in person.
• Provide regular follow-up to ensure that patients arrive for their appointments and procedures.
• Assist patients by providing them with information on filling out procedural and registration forms.
• Take, record, and verify patients’ insurance information.
• Calculate and communicate copay amounts to them at the end of each procedure.
• Ensure that all equipment and supplies used for dental examinations and procedures are made available during practice hours.
• Develop effective relationships with vendors and suppliers to ensure regular and accurate delivery of office supplies.
• Assist the office management in creating facility marketing materials and sending them out to appropriate channels.
• Create and maintain office correspondence, including letters, emails, and memos.
• Handle all patients’ records in a confidential manner
• Perform regular information updating duties.