Data Entry Clerk Resume Example

Updated on: March 9, 2019

Every resume format has at least one built-in problem or another.

Maximizing efforts to ensure that you do not add to these is important.

By built-in problems, we are referring to the fact that it is not possible for all employers to like how you place information in a resume completely. And that is alright.

Even they are not too moved about it.

However, it is up to you to make the resume as employer-centered as possible, by minimizing redundancies and providing just the right kind of information.

The following data entry clerk resume format is the easiest and most navigable that you will find.



Data Entry Clerk Resume Example


Samantha Perry

452 Brooklyn Road, New York, NY 18562
(000) 152-8545
samperry @ email . com

Data Entry Clerk

Meticulous and competent Data Entry Clerk with a 15-plus-year verifiable track record of establishing priorities and completing data entry assignments within given time frames. Effectively verifies and combines data to meet data integrity and accuracy standards. An alert individual who has a demonstrated ability to quickly transcribe information into required electronic formats. Self-starter who enjoys working collaboratively to meet the organization’s goals.


– Data Rearrangement – Document Scanning – Logbook Maintenance
– Information Security – Data Retrieval – Deficiencies Review
– File Purging – Attention to Detail – Information Analysis
– Incompatibility Resolution – Deadline Orientation – Format Screening

• Successfully punched in 1500 records (error-free) within 8 hours, just in time for a drawn-in deadline.
• Implemented a system to make incompatible data compatible by the flick of a switch.
• Trained 13 data entry interns in handling data discrepancy problems, as part of their training.
• Suggested the implementation of a dynamic backup system, which saved the company from complete wipeout following a virus attack on the database.


Data Entry Clerk
Newsday, New York, NY (6/2011 – Present)
• Receive and check source documents to determine which data needs to be entered into the system.
• Check source documents for accuracy by coordinating efforts with data generation managers.
• Enter the provided data into predefined database systems in a prompt and accurate manner.
• Look through information to determine any discrepancies and correct them before or after they have been posted.
• Modify information already punched in and check to see if the added information is accurate.

Data Entry Clerk
AST Co, New York, NY (8/2005 – 6/2011)
• Provided support in sorting outsource information to derive enterable data.
• Responded to requests for data retrieval by first verifying that the requester is eligible for the information asked for.
• Backed up data according to specific timeframes provided and by following company procedures.
• Used technology to scan documents into management systems and databases while maintaining their integrity.
• Ascertained security of source and punched in data by ensuring that it is kept confidential.

Data Entry Operator
Cablevision, Atlantic City, NJ (1/2002 – 8/2005)
• Punched in data into provided fields after double-checking accuracy.
• Responded to requests for data retrieval and printing after obtaining approval.
• Handled document scanning, printing and filing activities, keeping data confidentiality in check.
• Transcribed information into correct electronic forms and ensured data integrity by cross-checking it.

High School Diploma – 1999
NY Public Schools, New York, NY


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