Sample Objectives for Customer Service Resume

Updated on April 3, 2018

A good resume objective for customer service positions must have these ingredients:

Your Attributes

An ideal resume objective statement always includes the candidate’s attributes. The attributes you chose to mention must not be selected randomly, rather you need to select and mention those attributes which help the employer see a relevance among your candidacy and the available vacancy.


Reflect on your previous work experience for a while and skim out instances where you did something extra. This may include an enhanced turnover, revitalizing clientele or saving capital by avoiding some mistake. These are your accomplishments. Evidence of your capabilities. Just like you add value to a McDonald’s meal by ordering an upsize drink, add value to your resume by showcasing your potential!


You need to address the employer’s question ‘why you?’ To do this, you have to tell them what you can do, that others cannot. Reflect your uniqueness.

Sample Objectives for Customer Service Resume

You can opt for conventional resume objective styles or modern summary like ones. If your skills section is a strong one and you need the employer’s attention to be focused on that, going for the traditional one-line objective is a good option.

However, in case you feel your qualifications section is not very impressive then opting for a summary of branding statement will work best for you. No matter which format you chose, remember to mention the position you apply for clearly, so as not to leave the employer confused right at the beginning of your resume.

Of course the selection of traits to include in the objective statement is your subjective choice, however here are the commonly wanted traits for a customer service job: communication skills, persuasive power, interpersonal skills, troubleshooting ability, analytical thinking and high level of patience.

Following are some resume objectives for customer service jobs.

• Seeking a customer service representative position with Hudson Ceramics. Offering 5+ years of firsthand experience in customer dealing and problem-solving.

• Looking for an opportunity to join ABC company in the capacity of a customer service representative with the aim of bringing a positive change in client satisfaction level.

• To obtain a customer service position with ABC company, where my acquired skills and expertise in the field could come in handy for the company.

• A seasoned and dynamic individual, working in the customer services field for past 5 years, seeking work at ABC Company. Particularly effective in client rapport building, communicating promotional offers and ensuring client satisfaction

• An experienced customer service professional, seeking work in a similar capacity. Core competencies include:

– People-oriented approach
– Strong communication skills
– Issue resolving expertise