Professional Summary for Customer Service Representative | 4 Examples

Updated on: January 2, 2021
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When crafting a customer service rep resume, many people prefer to start their resume with a summary statement. This statement provides an overview of the whole resume in a few sentences.

How to Write a Summary Statement for a Customer Service Representative Resume?

In a summary statement, you should incorporate the following:

  1. Write your core qualifications in two or three lines
  2. Show what your value is and why the hiring manager should bring you on
  3. Bring your employment goal to the table

In essence, you should focus on your abilities, experiences, and proficiencies. If you provide a hiring manager with all this, you make his or her hiring decision easier.

As a matter of fact, a customer service representative resume summary will help recruiters understand your potential.

Have a look at these examples of professional summaries for a customer service representative:

Customer Service Representative Resume Summary Examples

1. Highly motivated and creative customer service professional with 12 years of experience in 4 different countries and cultures. Track record of exceeding customer service goals in compliance with company rules and regulations. A friendly and helpful individual who can handle all kinds of situations effectively.

2. Helpful and reliable professional with 8-plus-year vast experience in helping customers while ensuring that sales goals are met. A fun and friendly individual who is known for maintaining a professional environment in hectic situations. Ability to work in high-volume fast-paced environments.

3. Creative and versatile Customer Service professional with 9 years’ hands-on experience in dealing with customers, both to their satisfaction and that of the company’s. Able to research and resolve problems before they become crises, as well as troubleshooting product delivery and quality issues.

4. Self-motivated Customer Service Representative with 10 years of experience managing customers with clear and transparent interaction. Excellent communication skills combined with a profound ability to resolve problems arising to ensure recurring business opportunities.

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