Functional Summary for Customer Service Representative

Updated on April 20, 2017

A functional summary is not your usual short paragraph at the beginning of your resume for CSR position. Even through a functional summary is also placed at the top of your resume, marking its beginning, it is a little more than a mere paragraph outlining your skills and qualifications for a given job. Functional summaries focus on both skills and achievements of a candidate, outlining most of what there is to his or her name. These can then be further built upon in dedicated sections of the resume.

Who uses a functional summary? Mostly, candidates who feel that their work history is a bit dodgy or sketchy may want to create a functional resume – and begin it with a functional summary. Grabbing the employer’s attention when you are unsure if a regular summary will do the trick, is the idea behind writing a functional summary. If you have been out of work for a while or have only held part time or temporary jobs, this type of summary will help you greatly by outlining your worth in an articulate manner. You can either use a brief paragraph or a short set of bullets to prove your point in a functional summary. Here are a few examples of functional summaries for a customer service representative position:

Functional Summary Statements for Customer Service Representative Resume

❖ Results-focused Customer Service Representative with 14+ years of extensive experience working in high-volume and deadline-based environments. Proven ability to work under pressure, and remain focused in adverse situations. Constantly met assigned targets in tight deadlines. Focused on customer satisfaction. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

❖ Top-performing Customer Service Representative with deep insight into managing large amounts of incoming calls and customer inquiries. Recognize for the following achievements:

• Increasing customer base by 23% within the provided deadline, owing to extensive outreach activities.
• Highest number of satisfied clients by one CSR, resulting in increased business opportunities for the company.

❖ Business graduate with extensive exposure to working in a customer-centered environment. Highly talented in resolving and servicing problems by clarifying customers’ complaints, and providing effective follow-up to ensure timely resolution. Accomplished in the following areas:

• Singlehandedly managed an important corporate client during a service crises, ensuring retention of his business.
• Handled and serviced a large amount of calls within one shift, in the absence of 2 other CSRs.

❖ Friendly, polite Customer Service Representative with 7 years’ successful track record in attracting potential customers by providing them with assistance in understanding product features and services. Known for consistently providing high-quality services to customers, resulting in repeat business opportunities and additional business through word of mouth.