Customer Service Representative Resume Objectives | 13 Examples

Updated on: August 29, 2020
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The objective statement is the first section of a resume that conveys your key skills and experience, as well as your enthusiasm to contribute to a specific company.

In order to write a compelling customer service objective, you have to communicate the values you will be bringing to the prospective company to entice the recruiter to read your resume in detail.

How to Write a Great Objective on a Customer Service Rep Resume?

An objective can be written in many formats. For example, it can start with some of your key strengths, followed by the title of the position you are seeking. Also, it can begin with the title of the job, followed by your customer service skills. In either case, it is advisable to limit the length of an objective statement to one or two lines.

Below are some examples of customer service rep objectives for resume.

Customer Service Rep Objective Examples

1. To work for ABC Company as a Customer Service Representative. Offering effective communication skills and proven convincing power to bring new customers and retain existing ones.

2. Seeking a Customer Service Representative position at CVS. Leveraging a sound background in answering calls, resolving complaints, and addressing customers’ concerns to build productive relationships with customers.

3. To obtain a customer service representative position at Hallmar providing memorable customer service through knowledge of customer service protocols and product features presentation.

4. Versatile, courteous, and detail-oriented Customer Service Representative, offering high-quality services to clients for the past 4 years. Seeking a challenging position at the IMF to enhance customer satisfaction through effective complaint handling and communication skills.

5. Results-driven and determined customer service professional, excelled in customer guidance, query response, complaint processing, and clientele enhancement. Seeking an opportunity at the Hallmark Company as a CSR where 5+ years of experience could translate into the firm’s profitability.

6. Strong desire to work for ABC Company in the capacity of a Customer Service Representative. Leveraging strong customer service and communication skills to assist and retain customers while building a great rapport of the company.

7. Poised to work as a Customer Service Rep for ABC Insurance. Utilizing top-notch customer service experience, as well as communication and interpersonal to contribute to the success of the company.

8. Eager to contribute to AA Company as a Customer Service Representative. Utilizing experience in responding swiftly and courteously to customers in a professional manner to answer their queries in the most professional way.

9. Detail-oriented Customer Service Representative poised to work for X Company. Leveraging exceptional negotiation and problem-solving skills to handle high volume inbound customer calls while providing top-rated customer service.

10. Results-driven Customer Service Representative seeking a position at ABC Insurance where excellent verbal communication skills will be utilized to provide support to customers, as well as sales and service staff.

11. To work for Delta Technologies as a Customer Service Rep. Bringing exceptional multi-tasking and technology skills to resolve customer-related issues, such as troubleshooting, service inquiries, and billing.

12. Looking for the position as a Customer Service Representative at ABC Retail Store. Utilizing top-rated communication and interpersonal skills to build effective relationship with customers by delivering individualized solutions to them.

13. To work for ABC Company as a Customer Service Representative. Leveraging hands-on call center experience, excellent telephone etiquette, as well as conflict management skills to successfully handle high-volume inbound customer complaints, inquiries, and order requests.

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Additional Guidance

An ideal objective statement is crisp and short. Its purpose is to give an idea to the reader regarding the main strengths you offer and ways in which you intend to apply those if hired.

There are many situations when your resume needs an objective statement.

Some of these are:

  1. You are seeking an entry-level Customer Service Rep position.
  2. You are planning to change your career.
  3. Have diverse experience and want to specify your field of work.
  4. The employer has many open vacancies, and you need to specify the position you are interested in.
  5. The employer has specifically asked for a career objective to be added to a resume.
  6. The resume is to be submitted electronically, and the built-in application form has a column that requires you to enter a career objective statement.

Once you have decided to add a career objective to your Customer Service Rep Resume, the next decision is to use one of the customer service rep objective statements given above.