Dunkin Donuts Skills (Crew Member)

Updated: September 23, 2018

Skills are instrumental in getting an individual a job. Without mention of these on your resume and cover letter, you do not stand a chance in front of an applicant who has had the good sense to put it in. Most people would argue that skills are better shown than written. True. But they need to be written so that a hiring manager can gain an idea about what to expect from you in terms of competencies.

The skills section on a resume needs to be given great thought to. And you have to make sure that whatever you write in it is what the hiring manager wants to read. You may have a skills set that have nothing to do with the position for which you are applying, so you have to make sure that you do not provide information that is not needed. How would you know? It is simple. Read the job description that the hiring manager has posted to determine what he or she is looking for in terms of skills. Make a match between what you have and what the hiring manager wants. As soon as you have a match, you will know that you can write a skills statement to put your case forward.

To see what skills a Dunkin Donuts crew member can put on her or his resume and cover letter, have a look at the following examples:

Dunkin Donuts Skills (Crew Member)

• Demonstrated expertise in performing tier 1 duties by pleasantly greeting customers as they approach the counter.
• Highly experienced in assisting customers in making important decisions regarding orders.
• Effectively able to take customers’ orders for coffee, donuts, and sandwiches, and provide them with preparation timelines.
• Deeply familiar with ensuring that all orders are timely prepared and handed over to customers.
• Proven ability to make coffee blends and sandwiches according to provided recipes and procedures.
• Skilled in operating complex point of sales (POS) systems to process both cash and credit and debit card payments.
• Well-versed in handling sandwich and donut packing duties, aimed at providing customers with well-packed takeaway food items.
• Competent in stocking display counters with donuts, ensuring that they remain filled at all times.
• Qualified to perform food rotation activities to ensure that food items remain fresh for longer.
• Solid track record of effectively overseeing food and supplies inventory, and ensuring that low stock situations are communicated to the shop manager.
• Well-equipped to ensure that counter and dining areas remain clean and neat at all times.