Best Objectives for Fast Food Crew

Updated on July 3, 2017

Opening a fast food crew member resume without an objective statement is almost as bad as sending it in without a cover letter. While the cover letter prepares the reader for what is to come in a resume, it is actually the objective that breaks the ice.

When you begin your resume with an objective, you are giving the document structure that it will require to impress the hiring manager. Do not under any circumstances leave the resume objective out.

Resume objectives are not written simply to fill space. In fact, they are written to let the hiring manager know what the whole resume holds – in a short paragraph. When you write an objective, make sure that it aligns with what is written in the rest of the resume. Since the objective decides which direction your resume will take, it is imperative that it is written in a profound manner. What exactly goes into a resume objective? A resume objective is a mere 3 or 4 liner that tells the hiring manager all there is to know about the candidate’s aspirations and competencies. These can then be further built up on in the rest of the resume, making the document complete from every angle.

If you are unsure of how to write a resume objective, refer to the samples provided below:

Fast Food Crew Resume Objectives

• Highly experienced and competent Fast Food Crew seeking a position at Pizza Hut utilizing skills in order-taking, food preparation and order delivery in a fast paced and busy environment.

• Looking for a position as a Fast Food Worker at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Offering a track record of success taking orders, suggesting menu items, preparing and packing food items, and handling POS systems.

• To work for Captain Cook’s as a Fast Food Crew position. Bringing ability to assemble meals on trays, operate fry stations and grills, process cash and credit card payments, and arrange for home deliveries.

• To obtain a position as a Fast Food Crew at The Food Hub. Follows critical standards for raw and finished product quality, service speed and cleanliness and sanitation. Highly skilled in providing exceptional customer services, aiming to ensure satisfaction and repeat business opportunities.

• Top performing Fast Food Crew with over 5 years of experience of working with big names in the fast food service industry, presently anticipating a position at Valerie’s Kitchen. Eager to apply skills in handling multiple food orders and operating and maintaining food preparation equipment, along with deep insight into ensuring customer satisfaction at all times.

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