As employment trends are changing drastically in the recent years, employers and recruitment managers are becoming more and more demanding. The onset of recession has brought with a scarcity of jobs and many left many jobless people. In these circumstances, applying for a job is not a process – it became a procedure.

Job application process needs to be run on employer’s prescribed protocols. Cover letters in the year of 2018 are deemed a necessary part of the job application set – as they provide employers with a good overview of the candidate without having to look through the resume. With the job application process becoming more and more difficult, it is no wonder people turn to the internet looking for information on writing good cover letters.

How to craft the best cover letter in 2018?

As a standard, cover letters are an essential part of an application – therefore need to be taken seriously. They are standard formats for covers for resumes; actually it depict nothing but a candidate’s stance that he or she is applying for a given job position. There are certain protocols governing the writing of best cover letters in 2018.

Here are some facts that help make cover letters good pieces of writing:

• Employers do not welcome a cover letter that is self indulged and has a lot of words“I, me or my” in it

• Repeating the same idea is an absolute no – as it makes the employer feel that the candidate is groping for words to fill space

• Cover letters should be to the point and relevant to the job – not a story of a candidate’s life experiences

• A careful crafting of the first sentence of each paragraph of a cover letter can make a significant difference

• Using fancy fonts or colors in your covering letter may put off an employer; use black ink on white or off-white paper

• Proofreading can be a savior

• Forgetting to sign your letter is proof of your non professionalism

Keeping the above points in mind is all you can do to make sure that you send the best cover letter when applying for a job in 2018. Remember that employers are busy people and they would not like to interview hundreds of people to find the perfect one. So the perfect cover letter defines a perfect candidate and guarantees an interview!