When writing a cover letter for post office job, taking assistance from the samples is a good idea. The following sample cover letter for post office job which will assist you make your cover letter for your application letter.

This cover letter is effective for the following post office positions:

1. Mail Processors, Sorters and Processing Machine Operators
2. Mail Clerks
3. Mail Carriers

You only need to change the titles and responsibilities in the second paragraph.

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Post Office Job Cover Letter Sample


Sara Chris
99 Example Street,
Houston, TX 21474
(000) 142-7474

April 2, 2016

Mr. John Doe
Hiring Manager
US Postal Service
999 Commonwealth Avenue
Houston, TX 48741


Dear Mr. Doe:

Your Mail Clerk position demands the skills, aptitudes, and work ethic that I have developed as a courier clerk at AAA Courier Company. A highly enthusiastic individual who has extensive experience in courier industry, I am keen to leverage my expertise to contribute to your bottom line.

Based on my understanding of your position and US Postal Service, here are some aspects of my background that seem most related to meet your needs:

• Highly skilled in opening, scanning and sorting mail to ensure appropriate delivery
• Proven record of handling customers efficiently
• Demonstrated ability to distribute and collect mail to and from appropriate parties
• Able to lift heavy items

As you seek a candidate who can contribute effectively in different kinds of hectic environments, I hope you will consider my credentials. I can be contacted at (000) 142-7474 in order to set up a meeting time at your convenience.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Sara Chris

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