MBA Cover Letter Sample

Updated on December 14, 2018

Okay, so you have successfully completed your master’s degree in business administration and would now like to apply for first ever job in the business world! Wonderful!

But do you have your cover letter all sorted out?

Ah! You don’t! Well, it is time that you got this side of the story sorted. Write a cover letter that will be deemed interview-worthy after being scanned for a mere 6 seconds!

Cover letters should be written based on these questions:

• Why you want me
• Why I want you

Not complicated, right? Right!

When you can answer these questions in your head, you can successfully write a cover letter that says more than even a resume can. And that is big fish!

Your cover letter needs to be error-free in all senses – grammatical, syntax and spelling mistakes kill cover letters.

You may never be trusted for your writing skills again so make sure that you do not make these mistakes. Always proofread your cover letter several times before you deem it ready for mailing.

These guidelines are not just for cover letters written for entry-level positions. They serve every situation where you need to write a cover letter or follow up one.

Here is a cover letter sample for an individual who has just acquired a master’s degree in business administration:


MBA Cover Letter Example


Frank Miller
656 New 5th Street
Brooklyn, NY 15202
(000) 236-9855
frankmiller @ email . com

December 14, 2018

Mr. Wesley Keller
Manager Human Resource
4391 Jansen Road
Brooklyn, NY 12078


Dear Mr. Keller:

I recently acquired my Master of Business Administration degree from New York State University with a major in Marketing. Right after obtaining my degree, I worked as an intern at Core Solutions where I had the chance to find out first-hand how marketing endeavors control the business world. This experience, coupled with exceptional insight into the marketing world through study and practice can prove to be an asset to Busch.

During the course of my degree, I was commended on a mock marketing project that I led which followed the 4 Ps of marketing, and which if used in a real business environment, can rake in extensive profits. Since the course of my study was quite wide-ranging, my induction into a real business environment will be smooth and the need for training me will be minimal.

My resume is enclosed for your reference and will provide you with further insight into my eligibility for the job. I will be in touch with your office to set up an interview time soon. If required, you can contact me at (000) 236-9855 or frankmiller @ email. com.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Frank Miller

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