While writing a cover letter for food counter attendant resume, don’t forget to insert your skills briefly in covering letter which will persuade the reader or prospective employer to read your resume. Take help from the following sample while writing a cover letter for food counter attendant position.

Alternate Job Titles:
1. Salad Bar Attendant
2. Ice Cream Counter Attendant
3. Kitchen Helper
4. Cook’s Helper
5. Food Service Helper
6. Sandwich Maker
7. Bartender Helper

Sample Cover Letter of Food Counter Attendant Resume


3569 Example 5th Street
Concord, NH 52214

December 15, 2014

Mr. Alvina Andrew
Senior Manager (Personnel)
Julie Snack Bar
151 Some Street
Concord, NH 03310


Dear Ms. Andrew:

I am pleased to submit my application for the position of Food Counter Attendant at Julie Snack Bar which was advertised in The Daily Times. With a track record of providing exceptional hospitality services and three years of practical experience as a kitchen helper, I am certain in my ability to become a central member of Julie Snack Bar.

During my experience as a kitchen helper with AAA Restaurant, I have gained strong skills of taking customers’ orders, arranging, heating and finishing simple food items. I have a demonstrated ability to use manual and electrical appliances to peel, slice and trim foodstuff. Furthermore, I am highly skilled in receiving, unloading and storing supplies in refrigerators, freezers, and cupboards and other storage areas in addition to stocking refrigerators and salad bars. My enclosed resume will provide you with further details of my skills and qualifications.

I would greet the chance to meet with you and to talk regarding my food counter skills in more detail. I will call you after four days to inquire about whether you need additional information. In the mean time, I can be reached at (999) 999-0009 or via email at [Email].

Thank You for your time and Consideration.



Sara Fortune

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