Entry Level Firefighter Cover Letter

Updated on May 7, 2019

A firefighter who has just finished his or her training, and is about to apply for a job, must write a good cover letter.

By “good” we mean that the cover letter must have all the information that it needs in order to convince the recruiter.


Entry level cover letters are hard to write only because the applicant hasn’t written one before.

Looking through a sample makes a lot of difference.

For an entry-level firefighter position, your cover letter must be exceptionally well-developed. In fact, all the information that you can possibly fit into it (regarding your firefighting skills) must be included.

In addition, the format of your cover letter must be friendly to read.


That is to say, all the information that you put into it about your knowledge of using and maintaining firefighting equipment must be properly placed.

Take a look at the following cover letter sample for an entry-level firefighter position:

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Entry Level Firefighter Cover Letter Sample


May 7, 2019

Mr. Luke Walker
Human Resources Manager
Firefighters of Saint Paul
173 Rapids Road
Saint Paul, MN


Dear Mr. Walker:

I have recently completed my firefighting training, and I am now ready to be hired as a firefighter at Firefighters of Saint Paul. The reason that I am so confident that I am an excellent individual to hire is the fact that I have aced my training with exceptional colors.

During the course of my training, I was taught to use sophisticated firefighting and rescue equipment. Promoting fire safety via talks, and advice is a virtue that I am proud of. Specifically, my skills lie in inspecting and enforcing safety standards in both commercial and residential properties.

As far as firefighting work is concerned, I am well-versed in responding to fire alarms, and extinguishing them with exceptional talent. Moreover, I possess demonstrated expertise in performing salvage operations such as throwing salvage covers, sweeping water, and removing debris.

Since firefighting is a passion for me, rather than just work, I make it a point to put in extra effort when performing my duty in any area related to it.

I am sure that a meeting with me will convince you of my suitability for a firefighter job at Firefighters of Saint Paul. Thank you for your time and consideration.




Trent Rester

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