Credit union personnel are responsible for providing a range of paying and receiving functions for members personally, via phone, and through the mail, including processing deposits, extraction, loan payments, cashiers’ checks, money orders, and money advances.

To write an effective cover letter for a credit union job, you must know about the requirements of employer. To do so, you need to see the job advertisement in detail.

Try to make a good impact with your cover letter by highlighting how your skills and qualifications specifically meet employer’s needs.


Credit Union Teller Cover Letter Sample


14 Example SE Street
Houston, TX 21474

July 20, 2015

Mr. Casper Andrew
HR Executive
210 Some New Street
Dallas, TX 21010


Dear Mr. Andrew:

I am writing to apply for the Credit Union Teller position at Salal that I viewed on your web site last week. I am very interested in pursuing my career in Credit Union, specifically working with Salal due to its prestige in loan market. My exceptional proficiency in processing loan applications and performing other clerical tasks makes me a good fit for this position.

As you will note in the enclosed resume, I am expert in balancing every day’s transactions and verifying cash totals. I have a proven ability to perform a wide variety of member services functions, such as; opening and closing accounts, renewing certificates, and supporting members with secretarial tasks and checking account problems. Moreover, I am very skilled in answering members’ questions about credit union services and performing various account maintenance duties. Besides, I can actively sell Credit Union services and able to perform additional accounting and reception tasks.

Due to close relevance of my skills with your requirements, I would like to meet with you to talk about this Credit Union Teller position in detail. I will call you after 10 days to see if we can arrange a meeting. If you need to contact me in the interim, you may reach me at (009) 123-4567 or via email at [Email].

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Sara Mathew

Enc. Resume