It is a fact that actual size and capacity of the job market is usually hidden from job seekers. There are several vacancies that get filled everyday without being advertised. If you are planning to conduct a proactive search to get an Animal internship, to hunt down not yet advertised vacancies, you need a specially designed cover letter for the same.

Always begin such a letter by introducing yourself and giving a brief background regarding your qualifications. If the letter is for an animal internship future opening, then it is advised to go through some announced animal internships and jot down the common job requirements. You can use these to build your cover letter on.

Since a future openings letter is generally cold contact, it is very important that you demonstrate some knowledge regarding the hiring firm. This instills some warmth in your cold contact letter and also reflects your seriousness to get an internship.


Animal Internship Cover Letter for Future Openings


Joshua Lee
622 Flowery St ● Newark, DE 46112 ● (004) 555-6666 ● joshua @ email . com

May 15, 2014

Mr. Dave Benedict
HR Manager
VCA Animal Shelter
67 Yellow Stone Ave
Newark, DE 46112


Dear Mr. Benedict:

I am writing to express my interest in any prospective openings of animal internship at VCA Animal Shelter. Currently, I am pursuing a Bachelors degree in animal care at the Veterinary College, Delaware and expected to complete my bachelors in October 2014.

The reason I want to join VCA as an intern is twofold. Firstly I’d be honored to gain firsthand experience in animal care at a highly valued and internationally recognized institute such as VCA and secondly I want to put my acquired skills to use for the success of VCA.

Having stated my goals, please allow me to highlight some of my qualifications that would drfinitely interest you:

• Food preparation and animal feeding
• Exercising and walking various animals
• Cleaning animal habitat, kennels and the like
• Ensuring timely vaccinations
• Monitoring general animal health with ability to identify any signs of illness promptly
• Administering medicine to sick animals

I would like to meet with you and discuss my knowledge and abilities further in relevance to any upcoming animal care related internship opportunities at VCA. I will contact you next week to implore the possibility of an interview. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

It will be an honour to meeting with you.



Joshua Lee

Encl. Resume