Summer Camp Counselor Duties and Responsibilities

Updated on December 5, 2015

Position Overview

Summer camp counselors are hired particularly to lead age-appropriate summer camp activities. They are responsible for assessing the needs of each group of members within a summer camp module and understand what their individual entertainment and sports needs are. They are then required to plan, implement and execute activities to meet those needs. It is a challenging job that needs extraordinary skills in understanding camp activities and handling large groups of people.

Since behavioral issues are a norm in summer camps, summer camp counselors are required to be expert in handling members with behavioral problems. Additionally, they need to be savvy with sports such as baseball, basketball and swimming.

Summer Camp Counselor Duties and Responsibilities

• Coordinate efforts with summer camp management to understand types of member groups enrolled
• Plan activities in accordance to each member group’s specific interests
• Write and implement weekly schedules for each individual camp groups
• Organize activities such as songs, games, archery, canoeing and opening and closing ceremonies
• Ascertain that all camp sites are clean and free of debris and hazardous materials
• Lead summer camp activities such as nature walks, trekking and hiking
• Instruct members in setting up camping gear and tents and provide them with information regarding coexisting with nature
• Procure supplies and equipment for summer camp activities such as material for arts and crafts projects
• Provide parents and guardians with information on designated camp activities
• Manage members’ behavioral issues by addressing them in appropriate manners
• Ascertain each camp member’s safety and security by fostering an environment of welfare
• Create and maintain records of camp members personal information and attendance records
• Teach survival skills to camp members and handle emergency situations by practicing CPR and First Aid
• Enforce appropriate behavior management techniques and supervise instructors to actively participate in camp activities
• Recognize the need for problem resolution in groups and between individuals and indulge in activities to resolve it